From micro limits to normal bankroll in Poker


Do you want to finally get out of the micro limits and form yourself a normal bankroll? Then this article is for you.
It is no secret that it is hard to make normal money on micro-limits, though, because they play there very inadequately, without any logic, and this in its own way makes it difficult to learn and understand poker as a whole. 72o all-ins is a standard practice for such limits.
But when a player does not have a decent bankroll, you have to roll micro limits.
In order to somehow motivate myself, I suggest that all students make a marathon. But not mindless, but strict enough to get a good bankroll as quickly as possible without the risks. We will consider the marathon on the example of the CIS tournaments.
No need to ship the turbo CIS at first
Let’s say you only have $ 50. Our first goal: make $ 100 of them. And you yourself should decide to play turbo tournaments, because they are faster, and the prizes in them are sweeter.
The key point is that such poker tournaments are faster, and the chances of getting a good starting hand will be much less than in slow tournaments. And often you will encounter such a situation, that after waiting for your AK, you will go all-in, and you will be called with 2-2, and you will play a 50/50 coin.
Exhibiting, on the one hand, is not bad, but you can always be cut, and you lose 20 comparisons in a row, and since all the comparisons in the turbines are key, it will turn out that you lose 20 buy-ins.
In slow-play tournaments (in regular tournaments), the blinds grow slowly and there is no need to push all-in for mediocre hands. Plus, there is an opportunity to win chips post flop.
Do not play satellites on MTT
Many of my students are eager to play satellites in order to enter the MTT more expensive and thus hope that their bankroll will grow rapidly.
But let’s face it. What is the chance to successfully pass the satellites? Given that they are mostly turbo and hyper-turbo?
Even if playing not turbo sate, of which there are very few, you will not always win the pass. And if you win, it’s not a fact that you’ll get into ITM at the tournament itself.
Also, do not forget that the level of play in a tournament for 2 bucks and 22 bucks is different, and often you will just be replayed post flop.