Decisions speed and chatting the most important in poker


This is one of the main signs that an opponent in online poker can give himself. But not everyone can use this sign, and sometimes attempts to read an opponent in terms of decision-making time may be counterproductive. For example, a long pause with a big raise, at first glance, may indicate an attempt to bluff. However, in reality, such a technique is often resorted to slow-play to hide the real strength of his hand. Again, for the correct interpretation of such a pause, it is necessary to consider the statistics.
If, after any bet, the player triggers an automatic raise, it certainly indicates the power of his hand. Automatic is called a raise with the tick on “bet raise all”. Such actions can be observed in experienced poker players playing at several tables at once. Therefore, when faced with a “blind” raise and not having a strong enough hand, in such situations it is better to fold the cards.
The pressed button “check fold” on the contrary indicates the weakness of the hand. Such a player is ready to remain in the hand only on condition that he does not have to put chips into the bank. This can be used, too, having nothing on hand. Beth standard size will force the opponent to abandon further rivalry.
A quick call does not always mean that the opponent has a strong hand. With his speed of decision making, he kind of tells us that he does not hesitate to call any bet, because the cards allow him to do so. However, in fact, he must have either a weak or a middle hand. Also so act with a draw combination. Therefore, put it on the next street so that the draw will be for the opponent not by the odds.
In online poker, experienced players rarely chat in chat, because they are busy playing several tables at once. However, when playing live, many professionals chat incessantly. Thus, they are trying to find out information about the strength of the hands of their opponents. The most prominent representatives of such communication during the game are Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow.
As for the game of poker on the Internet, it is difficult to make the right conclusions about the opponent using two or three phrases in the chat. However, you can read the opponent on the very fact of the beginning of communication. Usually a quiet player who suddenly wrote something like “I am bluffing” or “Okay, let’s see what you have there,” most likely has a strong hand. In a stressful situation in which a bluffing player gets into, it is difficult to act at ease and chat.