2 important tips for playing poker


Statistical software gives a big advantage
Many poker players claim that the use of assistive software leads to the fact that in the offline game mode, the player loses the ability to make the right decisions, to calculate the moves ahead.
Such an opinion has the right to life, but not all poker players who play in virtual rooms practice live sessions at the casino. Naturally, the development of own logic of thinking and mathematical calculations will never be superfluous, but statistical software will allow you to get a huge amount of information in a matter of seconds, besides, without it, the gamer is unlikely to cope with the multi-table game mode if it simultaneously participates in a large number of hands.
Today it is difficult to find a pro who refuses ancillary equipment, so his advantage will already be doubled – his own experience plus assistant.
Tournament game has its benefits
Experienced gamers know another subtlety of poker which beginner gamblers do not realize: it is more profitable to play in tournaments than at cash tables.
Here the question should be viewed from the angle of payment of the room. Each room charges a fee for its services and earns for its existence. Playing at the cash table, poker player is obliged to pay rake with each hand, and taking part in the tournament, he only pays it once – as a percentage of the buy-in. Thus, you can play almost for free by practicing for hours.
Do not forget about the freerolls, for which you do not need to pay at all, but you can win real money while receiving many hours of practice. Having reached a certain level of skill, a poker player will be able to easily appear in the prize zone, as many weak participants play in tournaments. In cash games, there are usually no such advantages, since the majority of opponents here will be quite strong.
It is important to remember for any poker player, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro: tournaments will give you both experience and many financial opportunities, while statistical software will give you an advantage over your competitors.